Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring game

Read a bunch about the spring game today, and here's what I'm thinking in a nutshell:

-Louis Nzegwu played really well at defensive end with four tackles for loss. He should provide quality depth at a shaky position this fall.

-Lots of reports raving about DeAndre Levy, not so much his play but his leadership. As unstable as the other defensive units are, we should be able to go six deep at linebacker this season without much dropoff.

-Lance Kendricks caught a touchdown pass. His breakout isn't going to come this year, but in 2009 he'll be a big part of the offense as a Beckum-type tight end.

-Seems like Chris Maragos played well at safety, and Jay Valai made some plays. The playing time's there, guys, might as well take it.

-The running backs did nothing to make us think that this won't be our strongest position in 2008. Say all you want about the other three guys, who are good, but I'm still glad P.J. Hill is coming back as the starter. These are four guys who all bring something to the table and will test defenses in their own way. Looks like Johnny Clay did not disappoint in his first public appearance as a Badger.

Don't like
-I'm convinced that our kicking game is going to cost us a win or two this season. It sounds like Philip Welch and Matt Fischer were lackluster at best yesterday, and it doesn't appear there's anyone coming in for fall camp with a chance to unseat them. Bielema held a contest for students to field kicks cleanly; he should have held an open placekicking tryout. And while Brad DeBauche was not impressive punting, at least we have a touted freshmen coming in to push him this fall in Brad Nortman.

-None of the quarterbacks distinguished themselves, but can anyone remember the last time a QB really stood out in the spring game? Stocco and Donovan were horrible, if I recall, and put together some nice seasons. So I'm not too nervous about this ... yet.

-Sounds like my man Daven Jones and Kyle Jefferson suffered from the drops in spring ball. I was already counting on Jefferson as a sure thing at wideout this season, and given all the uncertainty around him at the position, he has to be reliable.

-Bielema's goatee is really bad. He looks like he's auditioning for the defensive line coach job at Lodi High School. What's wrong with the farm fresh, clean cut look from his official mug shot (above)?

It reminds me of something: Every year I try to take a week of vacation around Christmas and New Year's. Starting on Christmas day, I do my best to stop shaving for at least a week, to see if I can grow decent facial hair. Sadly, I still can't, but because I'm really not going out in public, I have some fun with it and end up whittling it down into a tiny, bad goatee that Jana rolls here eyes at. That's what Coach B's goatee looks like. I can just see Alvarez walking by Bret in the Camp Randall parking lot and rolling his eyes.

OK, spring's over. When does the first fall preview magazine come out?


Phil A. said...

I think it was Isaac Anderson who had a case of the drops, not Kyle Jefferson. KJ didnt play in the spring game, I think he was out with an injury.

Scott Tappa said...

If memory serves I read that KJ had the dropsies during spring practice. Weird injury he has, hurting his leg running in his dorm.

Anonymous said...

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