Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hot, juicy redhead

Too much relationship talk, not enough Five Families talk. Don't care if Michael finds someone, don't care if Jim and Pam get engaged. It's about The Office, producers, don't forget about that. Still, plenty of good lines tonight, and a hilarious call to Wendy's:

Michael: "I like it because every day I get a little more desperate, and desperate times get the quickest results."

Kevin: "If I had someone to set you up with I'd ask her out myself."
Michael, consoling Kevin on his breakup: "You didn't deserve her."

Michael: "Hey Oscar Meyer Wiener lover!"

Phyllis: "She's a professional softball player."
Michael: "Is she a catcher or an infielder?" We all knew exactly what he meant!

Andy: "We won't let you down."
Michael: "You can't because I don't care."

Andy: "He shouldn't have to be worrying ... how am I going to pay my kid's orphanage bills?"

Dwight, on the death of chair model: "She was stoned, apparently."

Michael's encounter with Pam's landlord was classic. During it Jana says "Me makes me cringe!" And that was a very clever way to segue into Jim and Pam talking about moving in together, very Seinfeld- and Simpson-esque.


Anonymous said...

I have been a big Office fan for a few years now, but last night they offended me. Stoned drivers don't drive into airplane hangers. That's what drunk drivers do.

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