Saturday, April 5, 2008

North Carolina embarrassed!

What a terrific result in the second Final Four game tonight! The best part about it was that I only saw the parts of the game where Kansas was beating North Carolina like a rented mule. Jana and I were watching The Wire during the Tar Heels' second half run, which saved me about $10 of deposits in the Swear Jar.

In the past few days, I've been cooking up a long-winded post about why I dislike Carolina so much; about why I don't understand why Tyler Hansbrough - for all intents and purposes a modern-day Christian Laettner - is not reviled in the same way by fans at large; why it's incredible to me that people fawn over Carolina, the Yankees of college basketball; why Roy Williams can only win national titles when he has four NBA first rounders recruited by Matt Doherty on his roster, not just the measly five McDonald's All-Americans on this year's team.

But because of the Heels' embarrassing loss tonight, you'll just get the Cliff's Notes version, the preceding paragraph. Frankly, The Wire is much more entertaining than watching Psycho T take charges, shoot free throws, and shuffle his feet. Thank you, Kansas, for sparing us from Huckleberry Hound gloating during One Shining Moment.

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