Friday, April 25, 2008

Your Crazylegs Grand Marshal: Rooooon Daaaayne

It'll be nice to see the big fella on Saturday, hopefully. According to a State Journal story, Dayne said "I never thought I would be in a position to do something like this."

Really, Ron? You didn't think winning the Heisman and back-to-back Rose Bowls wasn't significant enough to give you the honor of grabbing a bullhorn and addressing 18,000 runners/walkers? Hell, if I keep up Badgercentric long enough I half expect to be Grand Marshal of the Crazylegs ... around 2056.

Looking forward to the run. This will be the first time I've run without actually running beforehand, so if he really busts it Schwalbach might beat me this time, if he decides to run and leave the walking to the women. I have been playing basketball four days a week, though, so I'm not coming in stone cold.

It looks like they're projecting about 18,000 people for this year's event, which is awesome. When I started doing this with Andy six years ago I think the turnout was between 10-12,000.

One of my favorite parts of Crazylegs is to run through the start line and high-five the third-string right guard. We'll let you know whose hands we touch.

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Anonymous said...

Have a great time and a good run!