Saturday, April 12, 2008

What are those colors again?

Today Jana and I were painting our nursery in anticipation of our second son, ETA mid-May. Last time around we didn't know the gender of the baby, so we went with a decidedly neutral yellow/gold. Jana thought that as long as we knew it was a boy this time around, we should paint it a boy's color, and we decided on blue.

Halfway through, we were debating whether or not we'd have enough paint with one gallon to cover everything sufficiently. So Jana suggested "We could leave two walls blue and two wells yellow."

That might look nice, I thought. But wait, aren't those the colors of ... a certain rival school to the east that's been the source of a lot of buzz lately? Definitely not a Badgercentric color.

So the whole thing's blue. We think Guido (Will's suggested name for his brother) will love it.

Will the Tappas ever half a cardinal and white room? Patience Tappa, patience.

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mjschwal said...

Not to rub it in but Jack's room has one cardinal room and the rest white.

It was not intentional but it must be burned into my subconscious. Anyway, Megan agreed to it so it's staying.