Friday, October 24, 2008

The Badgers got me feeling emotions

The other day my friend Jim popped his head into my office to shoot the breeze. The subject of the Badgers and the blog came up. "I feel bad for you, man," he said. "I mean, you didn't even write halftime thoughts during the Iowa game!"

There was a good reason for that; I had the boys at my grandma's house, and she doesn't get the Big Ten Network, so I watched the game recorded after returning home. Those two hours Will and Charlie spent with their great-grandma are more important than me watching the game live.

But I also didn't feel the strong urge to rush home and see the game, either, or write about it afterward. As noted earlier in the week, it's that numb feeling that has washed over this losing streak. But numbness is just one of the many emotions I've felt regarding Badger football lately.

Playing amateur psychiatrist, I posted the poll in the upper right-hand corner this week asking people to describe their emotions regarding the current state of Wisconsin football. As I type this, "embarrassed" is #1 at 53%, followed by "depressed" (25%), "angry" (21%), and quite possibly the most dangerous -- "disinterested" (19%). I'm not surprised to see no one has checked "optimistic," and am relieved no one checked "vindicated" -- who saw this coming, this year anyway?

The overwhelming embarrassment is easy to understand. Losing to the worst Michigan team ever; the confusion on Terrelle Pryor's game-winning touchdown run; Allan Evridge's turnover-every-20-snaps performance; capitulating in the face of Iowa's offensive line; the penalties, oh the penalties.

I checked "embarrassed." I'd much rather just be angry.

This poll is open past tomorrow's game against Illinois. Hopefully the Badgers will give us reason to check "optimistic."

Probably not.

Illinois 46, Wisconsin 27


Will said...

I voted "Depressed." I think if I still lived in Big Ten country - and had to deal with more alums from other schools - I would have clicked "embarrassed." Thankfully, most of the people I work with went to Michigan and Northwestern.

It's just a bummer to watch the games and see the team lose games in this stretch. But all programs go through this, even ones with a greater tradition and level of success than Wisconsin.

Mr.Man said...

As a Chicago resident, "embarrassed" was my vote. Ugh.

Also, 46 points Scott? To channel SNL, "Really?" I think UW's defense has overadapted to the spread and is now a bit too light in the pants to deal with solid, traditional running games. Thus, the Iowa debacle. I think the D should at least play better against Illinois then we've seen the last two weeks. Although I agree with you on the end result being a loss.

Scott Tappa said...

Hope you're right Man, but that's an explosive offense, and our guys haven't shown they can tackle for 60 minutes.