Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday thoughts

At least the Brewers won last night. By my estimate, that's another $1 million-plus in ticket revenue alone, which the team could put toward paying for the equivalent of one start on CC Sabathia's next contract.

Onto more pressing matters, here's how I'm seeing the Big Ten right now:

1. Penn State. Still don't think they're national title caliber, and think they'll stumble at least once in conference, but clearly the class of the league right now.

2. Illinois. They're tough. Who's playing better than Juice Williams right now?

3. Ohio State. They've got to get Beanie Wells all lathered up more often. Maybe his toe is bugging him, although it sure didn't look like it last night.

4. Michigan State. But if we're going to rank you #4 in the conference, you shouldn't be beating Iowa by only three at home.

5. Michigan. Guess their defense isn't that good.

6. Wisconsin. A couple plays/minutes/calls/hearts from being on the top of this list. What could have been ...

7. Minnesota. Holding Indiana to seven points is sort of impressive.

8. Indiana. Kind of like Ohio State, without the running game or good defense.

9. Northwestern. I guess. They're saying Mike Hankwitz is making a big difference coordinating their defense. I'm saying they've beaten Syracuse, Duke, Southern Illinois, Ohio, and Iowa.

10. Iowa. What's going on Kirk? Maybe Bielema will be a candidate for the Hawkeyes job after this season, and maybe Barry lets him go. Seems unlikely, right? Not as unlikely as it did nine days ago.

11. Purdue. Sad way for Joe Tiller to go out.

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