Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Worst losses

Wasn't yesterday's post a fun exercise? Who wants to engage in some more self-flagellation?

Moving on, I present the nominees for Worst Losses in Recent Wisconsin Football History (since Barry Alvarez's arrival).

1995, 43-7 vs. Colorado. Season opener. Night game. ABC. Special uniforms. Completely embarrassed. Third quarter hangover.

1996, 31-0 at Iowa. Only because I was there and had to endure that manure smell at Kinnick Stadium for three hours. At least I got to see the pink locker rooms.

1997, 34-0 vs. Syracuse. Good thing we had Big Ten Bill Bottinick and The Big Red Lumbajack Olson there covering this mess.

1999, 17-12 at Cincinnati. The first "are you kidding me?" loss of the Alvarez era for me.

2001, 63-32 vs. Indiana. Levron Williams channels Jim Brown.

2002, 32-29 at Indiana. I believe we were up 29-10 at some point in this game, so Jana and I headed to West Towne. Probably for the best I didn't watch the end.

2003, 23-5 vs. UNLV. Not only does this happen, but my whole day is shot writing thank-you notes for wedding gifts. Can't email suffice? (Just kidding Mom/Jana)

2004: 49-14 at Michigan State. Our nine-game winning streak to start the season ends against a team that doesn't qualify for a bowl. I threw a pillow at the TV at one point.

I suppose the fact that we have painful losses means that we're playing important games, and the fact that we have bad losses means that more often than not we're better than our opponents.

When will we cover the best and most satisfying victories? Let's wait and see how the Ohio State game and this Wall Street collapse play out, we may need a pick-me-up here real soon.


Will said...

Not only did I attend the Syracuse game, I was also at the Cincinnati game. At least the Cincinnati game had this great "can you believe what is happening here" wave of emotion as the fans rushed the field and tore down the goal posts.

The Syracuse game was a neutral-site bore. The Orangemen (I'll use the old nickname) returned the opening kick-off for a touchdown, and just dominated the Badgers in all aspects. This was one of those classic SU teams that was loaded with NFL talent (McNabb, Rob Konrad, Tebucky Jones) yet followed up that UW blowout with an overtime loss to unranked NC State at home.

Scott Tappa said...

I remember that you were at Cincinnati. I had planned to drive down from Fremont but my car was unreliable, or I'd just bought a new car, or something. Just remember thinking how glad I was that I hadn't made the trip.

Matt said...

Taps- didn't you and I pile into Lasker's car for that trip to Iowa City. We had to leave at the ass crack of dawn. It was ugly.

I, too, remember the manure like it was yesterday. If I recall, it was a warmer than normal day and a bit humid so that air just hung around. Fitting for how the Badgers played.

I think that was when we had a spotlight player at the Cardinal. I don't remember who it was but I believe I remember you remarking something to the effect, "I think this little sidebar was a stupid idea of mine." We were probably highlighting Ahmad Merritt and focusing on his ability to actually catch the ball, not just block.