Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Keaton

What a terrible Halloween-related play on words, that headline. Best I could come up with, sorry.

Here's hoping that the glowing reports from Keaton Nankivil's play during last night's intrasquad scrimmage are not of the flash-in-the-pan variety.

(For the best recap of the scrimmage, check out Hoops Marinara -- thanks for the comprehensive update, Phil.)

All offseason I've contended that Nankivil is the guy I want to be #5 in the Badger lineup, but thought it might not happen as much because of a lack of traditional bigs for him to bang with. But if he proves to be an asset on offense, he might force Bo to play him, regardless of who the opponent runs out there. Sounds like last night he showed mid-range touch and explosive moves punctuated by dunks. Can't wait to see him against live opposition.

Apparently Jordan Taylor looked good too, which is a good thing, because a. Trevon Hughes hurts his ankle a lot, and b. There is no other logical ball handler like Michael Flowers was last year. You could argue J-Bo could be that guy, but it would diminish his scoring. At the very least, he can guard quicker point guards like Pop did sporadically his freshman year.