Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wisconsin-Minnesota: 2005 pictures

Snowed in one recent morning so I spent some time cleaning up my Hotmail Inbox. Found these pictures from Mr. Scott Burch, taken at the 2005 Wisconsin-Minnesota game. Most people will remember that game for Jonathan Casillas's blocked punt and Ben Strickland's recovery for the game-winning touchdown, but many of us will remember Toohey's similar second-half explosion. Others will remember the Toren-Tappa bipartisan Baggo dominance.


mjschwal said...

How fitting since Toohey and I joined Toren at the basketball game Sunday, yet another Badger win.

I asked Toren what it's like constantly losing to your rival in just about everything:

"At some point, you just go numb."

Props to Toren for enduring yet another shot on the chin, all while taking crap from us. Eventually, someday, when the Gophers beat the Badgers in something that matters Toren will have every right to rub it in our faces.

Anonymous said...


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