Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alumni basketball game

On his short radio segment tonight following our local news, Bo was talking to LePay about the alumni basketball game, which was played Saturday before the UW-Purdue game. They talked for a while in generalities about how special it is, the great guys, yadda yadda yadda.

In Brian Lucas's courtside blog for the actual game I found this mention of the alumni game:

Tonight's honorary captain is Charlie Wills. He was part of the alumni game that took place earlier today. Sean Mason led all scorers with 19 points to lead the Red team to victory. Dave Mader paced the White team with 16 points.

Not surprising that Mason could still fill it up. That wasn't a bad two-person class - Mason and Sean Dougherty - was it?

Earlier in the week Lucas's daily email mentioned other notables:

... rumored to be in attendance include Clayton Hanson, Dave Mader, David Burkemper, Sean Mason and Charlies Wills ...

What was Burkemper, the ref? Lord knows he's got the whistle.

The game got me thinking about what my dream UW alumni game would be - with guys playing in the shape I'm guessing they're in nowadays, so Joe Franklin and Wes Matthews probably wouldn't qualify. Here's my matchup:

Cardinal: Devin Harris, Sean Mason, Michael Finley, Sean Dougherty, Mike Wilkinson

White: Kammron Taylor, Roy Boone, Kirk Penney, Alando Tucker, Rashard Griffith

Who do you think wins that matchup?


Rob J said...

I would set the line with the Cardinal favored by 3.5 and I would take them to cover unless the White team had Jon Bryant coming off the bench.

On a side note, I would like to request that Brewercentric be disbanded and merged back into Badgercentric. Or maybe you could wait until the one-month anniversary of the last post on that site to make it official.

Can a brother get a spring training preview??

Keep up the good work. I didn't think you'd be able to keep up this pace. I think the last Tappa blog flopped after 2 posts. Sorry for my lack of commentary, but I have been a loyal reader.

mjschwal said...

Maybe because the last Tappa blog started with an entry about dolls.


Corby said...

Cardinal wins, no question.

scott.tappa said...

I agree Cardinal wins that matchup. The wild card is Finley - whichever team I put him on seemed stronger. Actually, to me the wild card is Devin - to me he is far and away the best former Badger playing today.

As for Brewercentric - be patient Robby, the writers are on winter break. I would expect some good stuff from Walt and the Arizona boys coming up shortly.