Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wisconsin-Minnesota thoughts ... not worth much

All year long, I've run into friends, family and co-workers the day after Badger games and said "Didja see the Badger game last night?" All too often, the response has been "No ..." with me realizing "Oh, that's right, you don't get the Big Ten Network."

Now I know how it feels. We're at Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan for our annual winter family outing, spending a lot of time at the place's waterpark, which Will loves. The place has Time Warner cable, which of course doesn't have the Big Ten Network. Worse yet, the only radios we have in the joint, alarm clocks, did not pick up any AM stations. So we were essentially flying blind and deaf for today's game, tracking the score on the Internet before falling asleep.

Just woke up and "saw" us pull away at the end, good thing, because a loss to Minnesota in Madison might have ruined my weekend. Here's what I know from watching the play-by-play, box score, and Brian Lucas's courtside blog.

-Before the game I read that J-Bo hurt his leg in practice yesterday and was doubtful for today. Good thing he did.

-Love the balanced scoring, four guys scoring 11 points and one scoring 12. Six guys took between five and eight field goals attempts. On the year we have six guys averaging between 7.5 and 12.7 points per game. As we saw earlier this season, it's not just the type of scoring that leads to nights like this, but different guys going for 20-plus.

-We're really taking this "we make more free throws than our opponents attempt" thing seriously, eh? Shot 33 today?

-Glad to see we held Tollackson to four points. In one of our games last year he was scoring on us in the post really effectively, limited only by foul trouble, but he didn't really hurt us in our games this year. Could be as much Tubby's system and playing time patterns as anything.

-Pop seemed to have a soild game, although I haven't seen assist and turnover numbers yet.

-Mike Kelley was the honorary captain today, and brought his son Mike Jr. along. Nick, whose dad and stepmom are friends with Kelley's parents, tells me Mike also has four children, and that Kelley's parents have more than 30 grandchildren already. Prolific.

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