Thursday, February 21, 2008

Next up: Kidd for Alando

The long-delayed trade of Jason Kidd and others from the Nets to the Mavericks for Devin Harris and others is finally official. Now I can go on with my life. From a strictly NBA standpoint, I don't see how this helps the Mavs catch up with the other top teams in the West. Kidd is great, certainly better than Devin right now, but I don't think point guard play was Dallas's shortcoming (Devin's injury notwithstanding).

Hopefully, if the Nets ever move to Brooklyn, Will will have the chance to get season tickets and watch Devin 41 times a year.

From a Badger fan standpoint, isn't it interesting that of the three former UW players in the NBA, Kidd has been traded for two of them? During the 1996-97 season, Kidd was traded from Dallas along with Tony Dumas and Loren Meyer for Michael Finley, A.C. Green and Sam Cassell.

So when Kidd runs out of gas in another year or two and Phoenix needs a reliable backup point guard for Steve Nash, Alando Tucker will be on his way to Dallas. Circle of life.

And for those of you who think the point of this post was to finally work A.C. Green into the blog, you're not entirely wrong.

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