Monday, February 18, 2008


Jana and I had today, President's Day, off work for some reason, so we took advantage of that and Will being in day care to catch Juno. Cute movie, we liked it.

First, what I didn't like: Diablo Cody's writing, at times. Cody is raking in accolades left and right as the next It writer, but I think everyone might be jumping the gun on her a bit. The dialogue, especially early on, is borderline ridiculous, so much that it's not funny. For instance, in one of the first scenes Rainn Wilson plays a convenience store clerk and rattles off several sentences no one would possibly say. It's like a teenage girl writing for Dawson's Creek or any Aaron Sorkin show.

That said, Cody snaps out of make-my-creative-writing-class-friends-laugh mindset enough to produce a sweet, thoughtful, funny movie. It's a testament to her take on teen pregnancy that people on both sides of the abortion debate are hailing its virtues. And really, the movie is about so much more than just teen pregnancy.

The acting is terrific. Ellen Page deserves all the praise she's been getting. Michael Cera plays the semi-dork I should have just admitted I probably was in high school. Jennifer Garner is convincing as the woman who desperately needs a child, as is Jason Bateman as the husband still clinging to his cool days before moving to St. Cloud. Refreshingly, Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons plays parents who may disagree with their teenager, but are still supportive, and not in a cliche, corny way.

Now, just have to figure out how to get Jana to see Semi-Pro ...


Kevin Hazaert said...

"Your eggo is preggo, no doubt about it."

"So what's the prognosis, Fertile Myrtle? Minus or plus?"

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."

Rainn was great with all of this ... plus I felt it sort of set the mood for the movie that there would be lighthearted moments.

T, you'll get a kick out of this ... saw this for the first time two weekends ago in MQT. Too damn cold on Sunday to go skiing ... so we were left to find alternate entertainment. Needless to say the Delft Theatre was our only option.

scott.tappa said...

The Delft is a great place to watch a movie. It's too bad they don't use the main street entrance any more, it's very old school. Sorry it was too cold to ski, but can't say I'm surprised.

Scott Tappa said...

Oh, and Jana wanted to know - where did you eat? She apologizes for not getting you a restaurant primer, she was swamped that week. Anyway, like she says, you can't go wrong in Marquette, there are so many good places to eat.

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