Friday, September 26, 2008

Comparison report

So Penn State beats Oregon State by 31, Oregon State beats USC by 6, and USC beats Ohio State by 32. Which means Penn State should beat Ohio State by 69 points.

Or not. At the very least, Penn State got a lot more legit in my eyes last night. That result in Corvallis was a stunner.


Mr.Man said...

I think the main takeaways are the importance of homefield advantage, and that football teams are often very fluid works in progress. PSU regularly puts the hammer down on visiting teams; for whatever reason, playing in Beaver Stadium is a huge advantage for them. Likewise, I don't doubt that USC wins going away if the game is played in LA.

Also, the OSU team on the field last night was leaps and bounds better than the one that PSU pummeled. And that USC team looked nothing like the one that dominated Ohio A&M. I think it's fair to assume that Oregon State will probably improve as the season progresses, and that USC likely overlooked this game and laid a big egg.

Edward said...

USC+Big Game=Hyped Up 5 Star recruits who want to shine on the national stage and thus dynamite whoever they are playing

USC+Ho-Hum Pac 10 Game=Lazy complacent 5 star recruits who don't prepare or get excited and find themselves getting upset/

Repeat both formulas 1-2 times a year, EVERY year.