Monday, February 16, 2009

Devin Harris: Guiness record holder

Devin Harris had a fairly forgettable All-Star debut performance last night -- by official hockey-style accounts he was a minus-31, meaning his team was 31 points in the hole while he was in the game -- but he still came away with something cool from the weekend.

He established a Guiness Book of World Records mark for fastest time dribbling a ball from baseline to baseline on an NBA court, 3.93 seconds. The above video shows it, although it's really not all that remarkable. Also, during last night's broadcast they said the Spurs wouldn't let Tony Parker try to match it, for fear of injury.

Devin's one of the fastest guys on the planet with a ball in his hands, and he could probably beat 3.93 seconds with practice and more tries, but I have to imagine there are faster guys out there. Whatever, good for him.

Even if the on-court experience wasn't perfect, at least Devin had the experience of rubbing elbows with the best players on the planet, and knowing he deserves to be among them. Hopefully he'll be an All-Star regular for years to come.


Toohey said...

Slow day Tappa? It's nice that you made the Badger connection, but that was the LAMEST video I've ever seen.
All kidding aside, congratulations to Devin for making the All-Star team. Mark Cuban's gotta be kicking himself.


Anonymous said...

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