Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Draft notes

A couple interesting Badger-related tidbits in the latest Sporting News. The first are related to the NFL Draft:

-Travis Beckum is the second-ranked tight end, Kraig Urbik the third-ranked guard, and Chris Pressley the fourth-ranked fullback.

-P.J. Hill is ranked 36th out of 49 early entry candidates.

-There is a pretty interesting profile of Matt Shaughnessy. The last concert he attended was Van Halen in Milwaukee, with David Lee Roth fronting (Burch approves). answering "I daydream abou my first sack being called by ..." he answered "For some reason, Dick Vitale. I don't know why. He just has a great sports voice."

Dick Vitale doing football is absolutely frightening.

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