Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't blow this one, guys

Tonight's game gives me the creeps. It's a game we should win easily, as Indiana is the worst team the Big Ten has seen in quite some time. Plus, their best player won't be playing because he's dirty.

But a decade of seeing Tan Cream frenetically pace the Bradley Center sidelines clapping and stomping his feet have me foreseeing a nightmarish loss. I just saw a Big Ten Network commercial in which Crean slaps the floor with both hands, a la Wojo in his Duke playing days. Please, please guys don't let it be close tonight.

It's strange watching Big Ten games in this stretch run. Watching the Penn State-Illinois game Wednesday night, it felt natural to hope Penn State won. But in reality, they are closer to us in the conference race than the Illini; but we also beat them twice. So who do you pull for?

I suppose you just hope the Badgers win every time ou and trust things will take care of themselves.