Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UW-Iowa thoughts

I'm back, and the Badgers are back! Good to see the boys take care of business against a team that has no business staying in the game. This is how it should go. This makes our loss to them in Iowa City that much more galling.

-Nice to see J-Bo heating up, I understand he shot really well against Illinois as well. It goes without saying that if he's making perimeter shots everything else goes better for this offense.

-Also nice to see Pop getting his groove back. His last multiple-spin move and layup was simply beautiful.

-Landry didn't do a whole lot, but I love the play where he missed a free throw, got his own rebound, then scored and was fouled on the ensuring layup. Congrats to him reaching 1,000 poins in his career. Illustrates what happens when you're consistent.

-Not having seen it occur, how bad was Keaton Nankivil's ankle injury? Did it happen in practice or a game? I noticed he didn't play against Illinois and just two minutes against Penn State. Too bad -- after the breakout game against Purdue then gets Hightowered at Northwestern before hurting himself.

-I've never seen us get anything like that seven-point run at the end of the first half. What a bonehead move by Gatens.

-That Devan Bawinkel really bugs me. That jumper he made late in the game was his first made two-pointer of the season. Of the season! The kid is obviously a tremendous shooter, but is such a one-trick pony that he could go 20-plus games without making a shot inside the 3-point line. Bo would never let his guys be that one-dimensional. Look at J-Bo -- think he couldn't fill that Bawinkel role of standing in the corner shooting 3s? But he has a nice little dribble penetration game, and can make tough runners in the lane. Bawinkel shouldn't settle for being such a simple player.

-It seemed like Krabby was playing well, but I didn't realize how well until I saw the box score -- 16 points, seven rebounds. He's really having a solid senior season.

-Didn't realize Ohio State was ranked. Should be a good game Saturday, but I'm feeling pretty good about our chances the way we're playing. Isn't ESPN going to be in Madison?


Millie said...

To answer your question, yes ESPN will be in Madison on Saturday. Should be a good atmosphere and a great chance for the Badgers to creep back over .500 in the league and continue building their resume.

Matt said...

Nankivil hurt his ankle in practice apparently.

Looks like this stretch run could be an exciting one for the Badgers. Looking forward to the game up here in Mpls. It could mean a lot to get a win for the Badgers.