Monday, May 12, 2008

Coaching tree grows another branch has a brief story about how James Kamoku will be a defensive backs coach at Madison East this fall. And the Badgers' football coaching tree grows another branch.

In past posts I've written about former Badger players and coaches who are still coaching, primarily in college and the pros. But what about at the high school level? Leave a comment with anyone you know of who fits this description so I can write a bit more about them.

Regarding Kamoku: could he be the last Hawaiian we see in awhile? From Donovan Raiola to R.J. Morse to Lyle Maiava to Kamoku, it seemed like we were mining what has been a talented location for players. But none of them made a lasting impact. Reminds me of our foray into California recruiting, although those guys contributed more than the Hawaiians.
Just goes to show that you can't just throw a fishing line into a state and expect that whoever you pull back will be an all-conference pick.