Friday, May 2, 2008

When we were young and the Badgers stunk

When guys my age were young, in the 1980s, mainstream University of Wisconsin sports were horrible. Hockey was a powerhouse, but no one I knew played hockey. The football team was a joke, and the basketball team, while flirting with the NIT and delivering some big upsets, wasn't much better.

This drove some of us to root for other college teams that played in big games and postseason tournaments. In basketball, I liked Georgetown and Arizona. In football, I liked Oklahoma and Florida State. Thankfully, for the past 15 years we've had a home team playing important games and winning a good chunk of them.

Our good friend Scott Burch - he liked Penn State. As this picture indicates. Let's hear the cheer now:

"Penn State!" Clap, clap "Penn STATE!" Clap, clap. "Penn STATE!" Clap, clap.

Special thanks to Rob Jansen for sending me this Holy Angels football photo out of the blue this afternoon. The accompanying quote: "I think Burch was the 'get back' guy on the sideline."

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