Thursday, May 1, 2008

Did I stutter?

Barry Bonds may have made it famous, but Stanley Hudson now owns it.

"Did I stutter?!?!"

This episode was funny, but also different because it directly and honestly addressed two things that would be simmering if Dunder Mifflin Scranton was an actual workplace:

-Stanley's lack of respect for Michael, which is undoubtedly shared by many of his fellow co-workers. This reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons starring a character named Frank Grimes, or as Homer called him, Grimey. Grimey was thoroughly frustrated by Homer, and explicitly pointed out all the things that were wrong with him. Somehow, taking it beyond the implied stage didn't sit well with me - we know Homer's an idiot, but that's the fun of the whole show. On The Office, we know Michael's an idiot, but that's the fun of the whole show. Don't confront him about it and make him consider changing.

-Jim getting called out by Ryan for his lackadaisical performance. Watching this show for four years, you just sort of assume that Jim's hitting his sales numbers, but maybe he's not. And let's face it, if you were working your ass off and saw him talking to the receptionist for two hours a day, it would bother you too ... especially if you had a thing for the receptionist.

Other good quotes:

Dwight to Michael: "Force it in there as deep as you can."
Michael: "Mmmphmpfhfmpfh." ("That's what she said.")

Michael, creating a fictional jive talking session between him and Stanley for Toby: "'Hey, you're poor,' 'Hey, you're mama's dead,' ... You're so white."

Dwight buying that car was terrific. I plan on using the same tactic to purchase a Honda Odyssey minivan this weekend for several thousand dollars below sticker price. You can buy this car.

Fluffy fingers - "You start tickling them, then you just got to church together, eat ice cream cones." Nice one Darrell. I'm actually surprised Michael didn't try this one.

Also loved the Emergency Org Chart where Dwight controls all.

Michael: "You're fired like a heart attack."

Michael: "If you don't get no respect you might be a redneck."

I'm out, time to go plan my group's Summer Sales-A-Lot.