Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jeronne Maymon to play in Milwaukee

Jeronne Maymon announced yesterday that he will start his college career at Marquette playing for Buzz Williams. Nice get for the new coach, Maymon is a player and should contribute to that program.

My emotions about this are mixed. He's been on the radar for a couple years, but only this year did he really emerge was a high-level recruit. By the time I finally saw him at state in early March, it was pretty clear he wouldn't be a Badger, which probably influenced my opinion of him. Which is:

On the court, Maymon is a man among boys. He has a nice spot-up jumper to about 15 feet, can penetrate, and is a rebounding terror. Fun to watch. One of the stories I read today said he projects as a small forward or shooting guard on the college level. I can't see him being a shooting guard, he's too muscular and his handle isn't there, but I could see him playing power forward. He probably would have been a good fit in the Swing, his game reminded me a bit of Alando Tucker.

But ... in the game Andy and I saw at the Kohl Center, there were several times when he loafed and didn't bust it back on defense. Kind of like those of us who play at the Fitness Center every day at noon, only this kid has a chance to go big time. His grades are suspect, which is why, it is speculated, we were not hotter after him. Hopefully he doesn't let that derail his career.

Then there are quotes like this, from his press conference: "They guaranteed me a starting spot." Really? That's bad, because either a. A coach sold out to win a 16-year-old's heart, or b. The coach didn't actually say that but Maymon just really wanted to hear that bad. Never heard a Bo Ryan recruit say that. You like the confidence, but never want an incoming freshman expecting to be handed a starting job.

Would Maymon have looked nice in red? You bet. But best of luck to him, and we're happy with our guys.


train said...

He comes w. some pretty heavy baggage- His old man is a kook.

$$show me the money$$

Matt said...

Agreed, Train. I can't believe some of the comments he made that were in the Journal Sentinel that past few days.

Will said...

Was the Kansas offer legit? That program sells itself (no pun intended), so I wonder why it would offer this guy a scholarship coming off a championship if there are concerns about him or his family.

This kid doesn't seem like a good fit at UW, but good luck to him. At least he stayed in-state. Hopefully, for his sake Buzz Williams is a good coach that will help him in the maturation process.

scott.tappa said...

The Journal Sentinel had comprehensive coverage of this, including an interview with Tim Maymon, the dad. Todd Rosiak asked him about the Kansas offer, and it was sort of a non-answer, something like "I made the announcement last week that if you wanted to get in the race you had to offer a scholarship, and they said they wanted to get in the race." It also seemed like he was getting news on who offered his son a scholarship from the Internet.

I don't want to say his dad is a kook, it's great to have involved parents, but I saw a comment after one of those stories comparing Jeronne to David Archuleta (American Idol), whose dad became notorious for his meddling.

train said...

Mark Miller at Wishoops had an article on Maymon a few weeks ago- included are multiple quotes from his old man. "...he aint redshirting and he's not coming off the bench"

it's good stuff


scott.tappa said...

Here's a quote from a Dennis Semrau story today:

"All I can say is, 'Go Marquette.' I'm going to be there, running up and down the court like I do everywhere else. Nothing's going to change. The only thing is I'm not going to have to drive cross country," Tim Maymon said.

I suppose he can lead the xylophone players in the MU band.

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