Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Luke Perry a Badger fan?

Don't know about you, but I watched various parts of the two-part season-ending American Idol episodes. Super-pumped that David Cook won. He is the Idol America deserves and needs in these difficult times.

But what really got me jazzed was in the intro to Tuesday's show, when they were panning through shots of celebrities and used-to-be celebrities. Like Luke Perry, who sauntered over from the Peach Pit to listen to the Davids, and Randy Jackson's insightful comments.

Look at the kid, presumably Luke's son, sitting to his left. There was never a really clear shot of it, but that's a tattered cardinal and white #33 jersey he's wearing. Looks awfully Badgerish. An old Ron Dayne jersey?

Or maybe it's a Brent Moss jersey? Maybe the Badgers dropped by the 90210 set while in California for the 1994 Rose Bowl and gave a kids-sized version of their best player's jersey to Luke and Ian Ziering.

Or maybe it's actually a Roger Craig 49ers jersey.

We need to know Luke, tell us!


Frank said...

Yeah, I watched. And yeah, also thought Dylan McKay's kid was repping for UW. I'm 99 percent sure though, it was a Lauranitis (or however you spell the LB from Ohio State's name) jersey.

Scott Tappa said...

I don't think so, Frank, don't OSU's jerseys have gray stripes on the sleeves?

Phil Mitten said...

I think Frank is right. OSU removed the gray stripes as of last year, leaving just thin black stripes around the white. The symbol at the chin is not an adidas logo, but the "O" emblem.

Scott Tappa said...

Good points, but how can you make out that it's an "O" emblem at the top? My other clue is that the 3 on the left is fraying a bit, indicating that it's been through the wash a few times, and Laryngitis has only been prominent the last two years.

frank said...

When they showed it live, believe I caught a glimpse of the tOSU thing on the collar. It's the Road Warrior kid's jersey, pretty sure.

Anonymous said...

A little known fact is that Luke Perry is from Ohio, highly unlikely he would let his kid sport a badger jersey on National televison. I am sure he is ridiculed enough back home and wouldn't want to give his boys any more ammo.

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