Monday, May 5, 2008

Middle-Aged Man

Four years ago, right after Will was born, Jana and I took are slightly larger family to Oshkosh to visit friends. As we rolled up to our friend Shu-Ling's house, she came outside, took one look at our new car, and announced:

"Oh my God, you middle-aged!"

That new car was a Toyota Camry.

Saturday, we bought a Honda Odyssey — a minivan! So if a mid-sized sedan made me middle-aged, what does a minivan make me?

I feel like that Mike Myers Saturday Night Live character, Middle-Aged Man. The guy whose theme song included the passage "... developing skills and a gut ..."!

Well, whatever. We bought a minivan because our family is about to grow by 33%, and we need the room. And I'm guessing this thing can outrun other minivans. Especially ones from Detroit.

By the way, Will is in these pictures. Not sure if you saw him, you know, because of all the camouflage he has on. This is what happens when 4-year-olds dress themselves.


Toohey said...

This is going to sound stupid since you already put it in your post, but I had a hard time finding Will in those pictures.

Congrats on your voyage into driving mediocrity. While they may be roomy and practical, I'll NEVER own a mini-van. You can write that down. :) Hello sport wagon!!

Anonymous said...

"And I'm guessing this thing can outrun other minivans. Especially ones from Detroit."

Really? I've got a Windstar with 150,000 miles on it - want to play "Pink Slip?" Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Great family picture with the new car. Congrats!

Craig Pintens said...

I hope you got a major discount from Honda for the picture. That looks like the American Dream right there.