Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tom Petty loves the Badgers

Schwalbach sent me this email this morning, got my day off to a good start. If you've got about four free minutes and want to feel good about being a Badger, give it a watch.

I thought this was really well done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DwnmFMHoQg

A couple things stick out:

Ron Dayne was one hell of a runner. Obvious I know, but as time passes you forget just how good he was in college.

Calhoun and BWill - they were quick as hell. Too bad Cal's not much of a player in the NFL. I thought he would be.

There's a lot of great memories there, mostly since 1993 - of which we were in college for or shortly thereafter.

The 99 Rose Bowl was awesome. I'm so happy I was there.


Will said...

That was a cool video, and I liked the way it ended.

Some of those uniforms were kind of neat as well...maybe we can bring those back from time to time (I love that stuff...and liked what the basketball team did this year).

Someone with a better knowledge of Badgers history: who were some of those opponents (the pre-1996 games)?

Scott Tappa said...

Here's what I believe those games you are unsure of were:

1963 Rose Bowl vs. USC
1984 Hall of Fame Bowl vs. Kentucky (20-19 loss)
1984 vs. Ohio State, 16-14 win
1993 vs. Michigan State in Tokyo
1994 Rose Bowl vs. UCLA (you probably knew that one)

Calhoun was so good in that game against Auburn, damn. Great catch by Williams against Minnesota, too.

Anonymous said...

awesome compilation!

and speaking of running, it could've been a little longer to show some love for anthony davis and michael bennett...

Scott Tappa said...

Yeah, it was interesting to see what games the creator had on tape. Maybe he wanted to limit it to just a handful - it was still enough to fill 4-1/2 minutes.

frank said...

I hope that when I'm 90 years old, I still have the same smile on my face if I come across highlights of that 1999 Rose Bowl.

There's some great games and plays not in the vid (Fletcher INT vs. Purdue, the bounce pass vs. Illinois in 1982, Lee's TD to break Ohio State's streak, couple of the wins vs. Michigan, sure I'm missing 2 dozen other obvious ones) but that was a pretty good video.