Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toby Flenderson's last day

So Toby is leaving Dunder Mifflin. I'm disappointed, he was a great straight man, although Michael's animosity toward him was over the top. Another well-crafted episode, classic Office.

Pam to Michael: How much of that anti-gravity potion do you want?

Creed: What do I do here? I should have written it down.

Michael: Are you real or are you a Holly-gram?

Michael: I am downloading some M3P music.

Michael: It was love at first see with my ears.

Holly: Lovitz ...

Michael: My name is Captain Bruisin'.

Dwight, on the Suck on This rock: You did, you made me wrap it up.

Oscar: The real crime, I think, is the beard.

Holly: It's easy to get in, impossible to rise up.

Michael to Pam: You cheated on me when I specifically asked you not to.

Great curveball at the end, and I'm glad that Jim not proposing wasn't immediately followed by Toby whisking her off her feet.


hazae said...

"Special" Kevin had me in stitches throughout.

Great way to end a too short season.

Anonymous said...

Kevin stole the show and fails to get mention? And as funny as it was to see Jan pregnant, glad she proved she's a whack job by telling Michael she was seeded at a sperm bank.

Anonymous said...

Best quote: "I'm so going to bang Holly." by Kevin

Will said...

Just watched the episode.

Thought this was one of Steve Carell's better performances. One of the things I really like about the show is that they always produce a great effort in their season finales.

Kevin was funny. But I loved Creed as well. He only gets a handful of lines each episode, but usually makes me laugh out loud.

Pam is going to the same school where I got my master's.

Scott Tappa said...

My bad for not including anything about Special Kevin.

"I do the numbers."

"I keep the M&Ms by my desk so everyone doesn't eat them."


Matt said...

Agreed on Special Kevin. In my opinion, that was the funniest it's gotten this year. I loved it when after being told he could get anything in the top row of the vending machine, he just sat there.

Agreed, Will, this was Carell's better performances. Reminded me a bit of 40-year-old Virgin. Nice to see that he can reign it in a bit.