Sunday, August 3, 2008

Badgercentric at Comic-Con

A couple weeks ago I was in San Diego for Comic-Con International. Maybe you've heard of it - about 125,000 people get together for a celebration of pop culture.

I was there on behalf of my work with Comics Buyer's Guide, and learned so much about the comics industry and key players. In one of those Small World things, I spent some time catching up with old Cardinal buddy Stevie Kuenn, who now works for the Young Adult Library Services Association. Her husband Keith is a writer with The Onion's A/V Club and does a great job with it.

If you've ever seen coverage of Comic-Con you've probably seen the people dressed up as their favorite fictional character: Chewbacca, Spiderman, Superman, Hellboy, Big Boy (below), etc. One movie studio was passing out free storm trooper masks, and I grabbed one for Will, but not before trying it on myself and embarrassing my co-workers.

Comic-Con is also a place for celebrities, A list, B list, and whatever list you would put Ponch on. That's Erik Estrada below snuggling with my friend Robyn, our editorial director. The closest I got to a celebrity sighting was Breckin Meyer (P list?).

Saw a few Badger hats in the crowd, but the sports team most-represented was the Cubs, which only confirms what we already knew: Cubs fans are geeks.


Toohey said...

I always thought Big Boy was a little taller...

Matt said...

I also didn't know storm troopers knew karate poses. Where's your blaster?

By the way Taps, you being at Comic Con must be some sort of karmic revenge for your past D&D-type jokes.

Scott Tappa said...

Toohey's the expert, but I think that's judoka, not karate (pronounced car-ah-tay).

C-C was cool ... I saw a Bayside Tigers shirt I wanted, but it was only in women's ... saw a guy wearing the dude's version later but didn't have the drive to offer to literally buy the shirt off his back.

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