Sunday, August 17, 2008

Introducing the 2008 Badger football poster

It's pretty cool, we got a couple at Family Day today at Camp Randall. That's Will's poster obscuring me, probably for the best. After a half-hour using it as the telescope for an imaginary pirate ship, it is in pretty rough shape, but he doesn't care.

We had a great time today, will post more pictures of the day over the course of this week. In short, we had a great time, Will is getting to be a good age for enjoying this type of thing. Got me even more excited for the season!


BigRed said...

That's one cute kid Scott! The Badgers are going to do well this year, but I can't believe a deal is not done yet with Time Warner and the Big Ten Network. We’re 11 days from the Badgers kickoff and where is Time Warner in our area? Asleep at the switch. I mean, one of the nation's biggest cable companies, Comcast stepped up to the plate. Time Warner must think nobody cares. I think it’s time to switch to a cable provider that gets it.

Scott Tappa said...

Thanks Big Red - I've got a ton more pictures from Camp Randall that have kept me smiling the last 24 hours.

Good point on the BTN, I thought something was imminent a few months ago after the Comcast deal.

Matt said...

Sorry Big Red, but as a Comcast subscriber, I feel your pain.

Unfortunately, that doesn't do much for you again this year.