Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Lance Smith situation

It's been a couple weeks now, but it seems like Lance Smith is off the team. Again. I won't go into details about that situation, but in a nutshell, it's sad that a kid given a chance to escape a tough lot in life through athletics has messed up that opportunity.

From a strictly roster management standpoint, my initial thought was this:

Four good running backs seemed like too many. Three good running backs seems like not enough.

Anyone else agree with me?
The 2004 situation where Anthony Davis and Booker Stanley and Dwayne Smith all went down, leaving Matt Bernstein to start at tailback in a huge game at Iowa, reminds me of this. With P.J. Hill being injury prone (like Davis), Zach Brown being sort of a plugger (like Stanley and Smith), and John Clay being young and tall, it's not inconceivable that all three could be too nicked up to play at some point. Leaving ... Bill Rentmeester, Chris Pressley, or Erik Smith to play tailback?

Sure, call me Bob Bummer, but it's happened before and it could happen again. I'd much rather manage one talented back who can't get enough playing time than deal with a lack of talented backs.

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Edward said...

Hill and Clay will get injured and we will once again go into our last several games with a rotation of Zach Brown, Zach Brown, Zach Brown. He is a pretty nice back, but I thnk we've seen all we are going to get: a tough undersized runner with ok speed who can pick the right hole. 30 carries for 110 yards kind of back. Your description of plugger is pretty apt. Glad to have him, but he is not going to be the next Dayne or Fletcher or Calhoun.