Monday, August 4, 2008

Bielema to Penn State?

Last week both Dave Heller and Jim Polzin commented in their blogs on a story from Sporting News' Matt Hayes. Both guys bring up the flaws I saw in Hayes' theory -- it's hard to see Bielema leaving for another Big Ten program (except maybe Iowa), and even after two very good seasons he's still something of an unproven commodity as a head coach.

Not wanting to rehash what those other guys wrote, let me throw this out there: is the Penn State clearly a better job than Wisconsin right now?

On the "Obviously it is, come on" side of the ledger: history, tradition, fan base, and most importantly, better local recruiting talent.

On the "Maybe it's not" side: following a legend (sorry, but JoePa dwarfs Barry here), higher expectations (could also be seen as a good thing), increased competition for Pennsylvania/New Jersey recruits (from Ohio State, Rutgers, Pitt).

Personally, I'd lean on the side of Penn State is a better job than Wisconsin, even right now and after Paterno retires. But it's not by as wide a margin as it once was.

Read some of the comments following Hayes' column, fans of other teams give Bielema much praise.


Matt said...

No way it would be Bielema. If Penn State's smart, they'll offer it up to Schiano.

IF that happens, look out. Penn St. will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Will said...

Agree with Tappa (on UW's place in the pecking order and that the difference between the two jobs is not as great as it used to be) and Schwib (they should offer Schiano). Although I understand the reasoning behind offering BB the coaching gig while Alvarez was still here, I always wondered what kind of candidates the school could have attracted if it needed to conduct a nationwide search. I think we would have been happy with the names in the mix, a reflection of where the program stands among college football people.

Not sure if you guys saw this, but it was revealed not too long ago that Schiano has an out clause if Rutgers does not complete stadium improvements in time for the 2009 season. Rutgers officials actually got into a little hot water, because they didn't disclose the clause at first.

With the economy struggling right now, it's very easy to see a scenario where Rutgers has to delay expansion plans, allowing Schiano to bolt.

Scott Tappa said...

I saw the thing about Schiano, too. It should be noted that he didn't leave for Miami a couple years ago, and that's probably a better job than Penn State right now.

Anonymous said...

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