Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ryan Rohlinger: West Bend native makes big leagues

Quick side note, a Badger state-centric news item: West Bend native Ryan Rohlinger has been called up to the big leagues, and started at third base tonight for the Giants. As I write this he's 1-for-4, and drove in Randy Winn for one of San Fran's two runs. My brother and some of my friends are close to his family, and from all accounts he's a good kid.

Read his Wikipedia entry. Probably a little bit of exaggeration here, but wow, what a resume. Notice his family's resume. As far as I know, he's the first West Bend native to reach the big leagues since his uncle, Willie Mueller, who had a role as a Yankee pitcher in Major League.

Good luck Ryan, everyone who's ever lived in West Bend is pulling for you!

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