Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cumulative rankings

Awhile back I mentioned that it would be nice to determine the Badgers' consensus preseason ranking based on a variety of reputable sources. Based on a link posted in Jim Polzin's blog last week, that work has already been done for us.

This site does a nice job using sources like Lindy's and Athlon to show consensus, and what is revealed is pretty damn close to what I would choose if forced.

Where do the Badgers fit? Nicely at #12, which can seem both perfect or too high if you ask me, depending on whether or not I've had coffee yet. A couple other sources, including Sports Illustrated, have picked Wisconsin #10.

The Badgers are also picked to finish second in the Big Ten, which also seems reasonable, although if I was playing with mortgage money I'd pick Illinois second.

Interesting that Ohio State, nobody's #1 but most people's #2 or #3, is the consensus #1. Maybe getting humiliated in two straight national title games has people gun-shy about committing them to the top spot.


Edward said...

I'm really confused as to why Georgia is #1. Hey, the SEC is great, but Georgia is sure to lose 2 games. Out on a limb prediction: The winner of USC-Ohio State is sure to lose 1 at most, and will be a lock for the National Championship Game.

I think we will find a lot out abnout UW at the Fresno State game.

scott.tappa said...

Even if Georgia loses two games - which is a pretty good bet - they still might play for it all instead of a one-loss team. And deservedly so, their schedule is a bitch.