Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Sorgi time!

It's hard to believe, but Jim Sorgi is going into his fifth NFL season this year. Hard to believe because, playing behind Peyton Manning, he never sees the field.

That's going to change for awhile, at least as long as Peyton is recovering from left knee surgery. Sorgi's running with the Colts' first-string offense, which gives him access to the likes of Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark and others.

For those of you starved for live football, it's coming on Sunday, and Sorgi will be on center stage as the Colts play the Redskins in the Hall of Fame game. It's at 7 p.m. CST on NBC, so no excuse not to watch or Tivo/DVR the thing. Hopefully our guy will play well.

Although it seems like Sorgi is destined to be a career backup, maybe if he strings together enough strong August performances and regular season relief showings, someday he'll get a shot at starting.


Edward said...

4-5 years ago, I was in Chicago with some friends (Iowa fans) at a bar when we found out the bartender was Sorgi's girlfirend. Man did they rag on her about supposedly skinny, dorky Sorgi. She was like "Why don't you guys like Jim? He's a nice guy!" Everytime the Colts are on and I'
m hanging out with those same guys I remind them that dorky Sorgi is a millionaire with the sweetest, easiest job in sports. And that Iowa sucks.

? said...

Was his GF hot?

Scott Tappa said...

Nice story Edward. Funny that Sorgi has had a more sustained NFL career than the Iowa quarterbacks that had more successful college careers.

Who knows: maybe if he hadn't been chewing tobacco in college and could have put on more weight he could have beaten out Bollinger (another one of my favorite stories).

And I'm guessing his girlfriend was easy on the eyes.

Edward said...

Yeah, she was not too bad at all. No Giselle Bundchen, but who is.

Wow had no clue he was a dip fiend! The fact that he was a string bean makes a lot more sense

Scott Tappa said...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the story goes that while preparing for Pro Day and the draft following his senior season, Sorgi was having a hard time putting on weight. Someone suggested to him that he stop chewing. He did, and he put on good pounds.

Corby said...

Thanks Tappa. I have been looking for a weight loss strategy for quite some time. I am going to rush out an buy a tin of bandits.