Monday, August 18, 2008

Will and Kyle

When we first arrived in Camp Randall for Family Day on Sunday, Will saw another boy wearing a #7 jersey, and went up to compare with him. The kid looked at Will like he was wearing a Chad Henne jersey, but that wasn't Will's problem.

I asked Will if he wanted to go find the real #7, and we went off to find either Aaron Henry or Kyle Jefferson.

Jefferson's line was shorter, so we went there first. As we approached, Kyle looked at Will, turned to O'Brien Schofield next to him and said "Now there's a real jersey!"

To which Schofield said: "Yeah, a real John Stocco jersey!"


Anyway, Kyle shook Will's hand and posed for the above picture, which was pretty cool. Jana later commented about how skinny Jefferson is -- she's pretty astute, that one.

Never got around to Henry, as Will was more interested in playing ball and getting Field Turf all over himself, but that's okay.