Friday, September 21, 2007


Little bothers me more than "We don't get any respect ..." talk, but here's some from me. The Badgers are not getting any respect. In his college football column this week, Sporting News' Matt Hayes basically says UW's 15-of-16 streak is no big deal. Later, SN's student blogger network (still waiting to read the first well-written posts, guys) puts the Badgers in a third-place tie with Hawaii for Most Overrated team in the country.

You know what, though? I like it. It seems like in years past when expectations have been sky-high - 1994, 2000 - results have been subpar. After Michigan fell on its face early, we seemed to be the clear-cut favorite, but now Ohio State and Penn State, even Purdue, are the trendy picks. Good. The Badgers certainly haven't played like Big Ten favorites thus far, to be certain, and the analysts' claims aren't without merit. But there's a lot of talent on the roster that has won a lot of games, and a coaching staff that did a terrific job last year. Can't wait to see how it plays out!

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