Sunday, September 30, 2007

Packers are 4-0 - whoulda thunk it?

It seems bizarre that the Packers could have started 3-0 heading into a game at Minnesota and still been flying under my radar, but with the Brewers finally in a pennant race and the Badgers in the top 10, that's been the case. After today's win over the Vikings, I'm not sure that will be possible.

Consider that something like 83% of teams that start 4-0 make the playoffs. Doesn't that actually seem low? Consider that the Bears and Vikings are both 1-3. Can they come back with such putrid QB play? Consider that Favre is playing better than ... how long has it been? How's he doing it with no running game and pedestrian receivers?

Other thoughts:

-The Vikings' D is tough, real tough, and getting 23 on them is a solid performance. Peterson is also tough, real tough, but as noted in a story I read earlier this week, his running style could lead to a brilliant but brief career. Both deserve better than Kelly Holcomb and Tavaris Jackson.

-Bubba's playing well, isn't he?

-Is there a unit in the league more underrated than the Packers' D line? KGB tied Reggie's team sacks record today, and he doesn't even start. The first round DT isn't even active.

-Little bit worried about Jarret Bush at nickel corner.

-The non-existent running game reminds me of the '92 team. I went to a game at County Stadium that year with Adam and Gerry Wagner, Favre's first year - was Harry Sydney the feature back then? - and Brett threw about 15 2-yard hitches to Sterling Sharpe. Some went for 2 yards. Some went for 8 yards. That was the running game. It will be again this year.

-That lost fumble near the end of the game reminded me of the Dayne fumble against Northwestern at the Camp in '96, a game that will live in infamy for all of us that were there that day.

-Question for Vikings fans: will Bollinger ever be more than a mop-up/emergency guy? And what's Erasmus James' status, didn't hear his name today.

-Larivee was at his worst in the fourth quarter. After the TD to put us up 23-9 midway through the quarter, he explodes with his "There's your DAGGER" trademark line that I can't stand. I turned to Jana and said "Way too early, six minutes left, anything can happen." And it almost did. Many of couldn't wait until Jim Irwin retired and someone else took over ... be careful what you wish for.

Really looking forward to attending next week's game.


Slobby said...

The Packers are in some pretty good company with the Colts, Patriots and Cowboys as the remaining undefeated teams. Yes, the Pack have issues, but they also play 4 of their next 6 at home and only one of those teams (Washington) has a winning record.

You may have seen this site before, but it basically predicts the percent chances of teams making the playoffs based upon millions of computer simulations:

I'm just going to enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Just checked the lines for Saturday's games and the Badgers are a 3-point dog at Illinois. I'm not saying that's wrong, but if being a top-5 underdog to an unranked team doesn't light a fire under their arse than I don't know what will.

Kevin Hazaert said...

Who would've thunk this? I thought 8-8 for this team, 9-7 at best.

As I take a swig of the Kool-Aid ... I know I'm getting ahead of myself ... taking a look at their schedule here's how I can see it playing out:

W - Chicago Bears
W - Washington Redskins
Open Date
L - @ Denver Broncos
W - @ Kansas City Chiefs
W - Minnesota Vikings
W - Carolina Panthers
L - @ Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)
L - @ Dallas Cowboys
W - Oakland Raiders
W - @ St. Louis Rams
L - @ Chicago Bears
W - Detroit Lions

That would put them at 12-4 and likely a first-round bye with teams in the NFC South and West beating each other up.

Went back and forth on the wins over KC and STL as well as the DET loss. Still would like to see any sign of life from the running game to make this possible.

Feels great to have them winning again ... 2003 and 2004 seem like eons ago.

I don't know how people survived the craptastic 70s and 80s.

Will said...

I am glad to see the Packers are playing well. Green Bay is a franchise I respect, with Favre being reason No. 1. Gotta love that Tyler Donovan threw that flip pass to Beckum in the first half and the announcers called it a Favre moment. Two of my favorite moments from college involved the Packers: 1) When they won the Super Bowl and fans on State Street went bonkers and 2) When they lost the Super Bowl...walking into the Bowen Court house thinking everyone was going to be depressed only to see a huge, fun party. Good times.

With that being said, though, the NFL is such a crapshoot....the Giants were right in the game with the Packers and then imploded...the Eagles dominated the Lions and then allowed double-digit sacks to the Giants last night. Still believe they will make the playoffs.

Scott Tappa said...

I like Haze's projection for the rest of the season, and like Robby am enjoying the ride. I pegged the Pack for 8-8, 7-9 maybe 9-7 this year (like the entire parity/mediocrity-ridden NFL). Those projections really aren't going out on a limb, and take into account trap games like Detroit.

This is so much different than 96-97, though - that team you KNEW was the best team in the NFL, really good players at so many positions, and this team doesn't have that feel. And if Favre ever goes down ...

OK Bob Bummer, shut up and put your Bubba jersey in the wash before heading to Lambeau on Sunday.

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