Saturday, September 29, 2007

UW-MSU prediction recap

TD: Two touchdowns (to Swan and Graham)
The game: Two touchdowns , to Jefferson and Beckum

PJ: 110 yards rushing, 1 TD
The game: 151 yards rushing, 2 TD

Smith: 65 yards rushing, 1 TD, 80,000 people wishing he could make the trip to Champaign next week
The game: 54 yards rushing, no TDs. Really going to miss him next two weeks. Brown hasn't even had a chance to get experience, with Smith playing so well in tight games.

Shaughnessy: Big breakout game. State overprepares for DB blitzing, UW drops seven against Hoyer most passing plays, DL gets a couple coverage sacks.
The game: Five sacks, big games for Hayden and DeCremer.

UW 33, Michigan State 10. No disrespect to State, but we're due.
The game: UW 37, MSU 34. I'll take it.

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