Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good for Favre

So Favre ties Marino's all-time touchdown record today ... and I was taking a nap while it happened! I listened to and watched the first half with Will, and thought the Packers were playing pretty well against a good team. Then, on account to a bunch of beers during last night's UW game, I was pooped and laid down when the boy did, and slept right through the second half. Oh well.

Couldn't be happier, though. These last two off-seasons, while the Will He or Won't He saga played out in ugly form, I just kept thinking that the real shame would be if he came back AND the Packers played poorly AND he didn't break Marino's record because he had nothing around him.

One of my first thoughts was that two significant career records belong to Wisconsin-tied athletes: Favre's TD record and Dayne's NCAA rushing record. And until a month ago Hank Aaron held the best record of all.

Looks like neither of those things are happening, at least right now. Jennings looked great today, Driver was his usual self, Jones is a promising rookie, and the tight ends seem better than last year. The running game's another story, but remember there was no running game back in '92 and '93, and those teams contended. And the defense is looking tough.

Still think the Bears are the class of the division (just scored an invite to the Sunday night game at Lambeau in two weeks), but they don't look as tough as last year and might be ripe to be knocked off.


Dan Hampton said...

Still think the Bears are the class of the North? For the love of God, Rex must go . . .

Scott Tappa said...

Have you seen the Packers' running game yet? Me neither. Each team has major offensive flaws, and the Bears defense is better at the moment.

Momma's Boy Otis said...

It's about f-in time they went to Greise. As for the defense, too many injuries may make it tough to gut out victories like last year.

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