Saturday, September 29, 2007

UW-MSU thoughts

My first thought, as it was after the Iowa game, was that we survived. In the postgame, LePay said "Survive and advance," which is exactly what this is, especially when you look at all the other top 10 upsets.

-MSU is better than I thought, but for all the talk about how they're more disciplined under Dantonio, several mental breakdowns on the decisive UW field goal drive ended up being the difference.

-Mehlhaff and DeBauche are reminiscent of Stemke and Money/Pisetsky, true difference-makers in the kicking game. Hope we can replace them next year.

-Here's the difference between the program today and five years ago: depth. Think about all the guys missing today: Ike, Hubbard, Valai, Crooks, Randle-El, Jefferson, Graham for a time, Chapman was dinged up, as was Urbik. Yet the replacements made enough plays to win. The drop-off to the reserves is not as great as it once was.

-Evridge is going to need to play this year. Donovan is taking a lot of shots. I like his guts.

-Randle-El needs to leave the program. He talks about being a leader, but he pulls stuff like that asinine punching match today. He's coasting by on his name.

-Nice job by the defense on the last two plays. I was praying they wouldn't throw at Strickland, but he jumped that slant nicely. And everyone sniffed out the final play and stopped it - finally!

-Vanden Heuvel did a nice job on Saint-Dic.

-My guess is that without Smith next week, the change of pace running plays will be end-arounds from Gilreath and Beckum.

-Great hustle by Casillas to run down Ringer, a drive that ended with a field goal. Reminded me of Ike running down McFadden in the Cap One Bowl.

-Pretty good pass rush today. Hayden is playing better this year, and DeCremer is a great addition to the rotation.


will said...

Great recap, T. One thing that I noticed was that our fullbacks played well too. It seemed like Pressley was pushing people back off the line often.

Yeah, if you're a MSU fan, you've got to be pissed that your team became unglued on the last posession after playing solid football through the first 3.5 quarters.

Deuces said...

First impressions, second thoughts and the third degree:

-Looks like Minnesota's gold-on-gold uniforms didn't pump the team up enough to beat OSU. Like one of the Sportcenter guys said, if they played Syracuse this year your TV's would explode.
-What mechanisms does the NCAA have in place to penalize individual players for cheap shots or illegal hits?
-Question for ex-football players: How much does punching a guy in the facemask actually hurt the other person?
-Urban Meyer is a jag and the whole call a timeout during the other teams field goal snap should be banned next year.
-For the record, I don't look like that pumpkin picture anymore -- I shaved the beard off when the Brewers were officially out of the pennant race.

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