Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Vegas photos - from Toohey!

My Inbox has been bombarded with emails since Friday demanding pictures of Schwalbach from the Vegas trip, mostly from old women. Thankfully, Toohey had a camera, too, and although he didn't put his picture show to funky fresh music like Molle did, he did offer a different perspective.

You wanted the best, you got the best - the biggest wannabe gangstas in the land! Toohey, Butch/Mat, and Schwib practicing their "U-Dub Boyz" hand signals.

Yeah Schwib, we get it, you're done with the Dub. Be careful or you'll get mistaken for a dyslexic Star Trek fan.

Will: "Hey Burchie, I'm so happy we won! This one's for the girls!"
Burch: "Schwalbach said 'Let's learn craps, it's a social game!' And I lost $60 in five minutes ..."

Drew Falkowski, Jana, and Butch flexing, which I'm pretty sure was Butch's idea.

This is what I like to call Toohey's abstract work. What the hell is going on in this one? I think this is Badger fans celebrating the game-clinching stop.

Victory formation at Sam Boyd Stadium. It was a lot nicer than we imagined it would be ... our season ticket money will probably help pay for more help to man the concession lines.

Toohey tells us that UNLV's home tickets are demanding a higher price ever since the Rebs played us close - everybody wins!


mjschwal said...

All right, so maybe I got carried away with my gang signs.

At least I don't look like I've contracted a bad viral form of Vono, like Burch. On the other hand, maybe Burch was just taking too many hits on the blunt.

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