Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grab some bench, Rexy

A commenter named Momma's Boy Otis (I have my suspicions who it is) just brought to my attention that the Bears are benching Rex in favor of Griese. My thoughts:

1. They had to. Rex was killing them, and now it appears the defense and special teams can't overcome that.

2. But is Griese any better? He'll probably get off to a good start against Detroit, but long-term he's mediocre at best, doesn't have Rex's upside. The game in Green Bay in two weeks will be teling. I still think the Bears win that one, but it's close.

3. Packer fans take Favre for granted. Let's face it: even though the Bears' QB instability is severe, most teams change starters every 3-4 years, and that just can't be good. My buddy Peyton aside, we'll probably never see another QB be in place this many years in a row, and you just hope your team can ride a hot hand for a few years.

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