Saturday, October 13, 2007

Badgers' Midnight Madness

Last night the Badger basketball team had its first practice, at the Kohl Center in front of fans; I don't think it was technically a Midnight Madness, but that's the generic term, so we'll use it here.

State Journal story and photo

I saw a couple highlights on the Big Ten Network, parts of the three-point shooting and slam dunk contests. Here's the part I found most interesting:

"... (Brian) Butch made his way down Section 108 sporting boxing gloves and a towel over his head. He then sparred with redshirt freshman guard Brett Valentyn near midcourt."

Butch, despite his flaws, is one of my favorite Badgers. He's got to realize how goofy he looks doing certain things, like sparring with redshirt freshman guard Brett Valentyn near midcourt, but he doesn't care. Wish I had more of that attitude. Reminds me a bit of another Butch we know.

One other thing after watching several other Midnight Madness highlights from around the Big Ten: not much spectacular dunking in store for conference fans this year - some really lame efforts in schools' respective dunk contests. Marcus Landry's was the best I saw.

Looks like it was called Night of the Grateful Red. I like Midnight Madness better.


Will said...

I like the idea of wearing the throwback uniforms for the Wofford game. Nice touch!

Just wished they scheduled an East Coast game this year. That's the second season in a row, after three or four straight years playing a school in the Philly area. Hopefully, it will happen again soon.

Jim Polzin said...

Wearing a Wisconsin Physics shirt around Las Vegas isn't goofy?

Scott Tappa said...

Just trying to class it up a bit. ;)

Anonymous said...

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