Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bo Ryan Cranks Dat (Soulja Boy)

Mr. Erik Olson tipped me off about this video last week, saying it deserved its own posting:

He was right.

Mind you, this ditty hasn't reached Scandinavia yet, but I'm expecting it will be by 2009, so I'm sort of absorbing a lot at once here. Catchy song, haven't been able to get it out of my head since Friday.

What do we think of Bo putting this out there on YouTube? Obviously it's part of the well-known practice of using the web's viral qualities for marketing purposes. And not a bad idea, either. Even after a decade of sustained success, most basketball fans still equate Wisconsin basketball with 45-44 scores and post players called "blockers."

So why not make a short, fairly well-produced video showing that the Badgers' coach is not a 90-year-old from the sticks who longs for the days of peach pail baskets and jump balls after every score? He is, in actuality, a cool guy fluent in urban music and dancing (even if that Hambone video of Bo slapping himself sort of works to counter this notion).

It's incredible -- the different variations of Bo Ryan Does Soulja Boy have racked up something approaching 54,000 views on YouTube. Those people probably come away thinking Badger basketball isn't as lame as they've heard, which can only be positive.

So for the most part, I like it. The cynical part of me thinks it's a cross between a staged video clip of Dad Getting Hit In Groin By Son's Baseball Bat submitted to America's Funniest Home Videos and George W. Bush dancing with Ricky Martin at his 2000 inaugural festivities. But when a simple YouTube search yields a video titled "Roy Williams Gettin Down," you realize what it takes to keep up with the Joneses in college sports today.

By the way - lots of interesting Badger basketball-related clips on YouTube, something to explore this winter if the team is struggling.


mjschwal said...

My understanding is that this was originally shown at "Night of the Greatful Dead" as part of the festivities.

My guess is then someone just threw it up on YouTube afterwards.

It does seem like there seems to be this race among college basketball coaches, who can be more "real" or do something kinda "crazy" to show how fun they are. Pearl's stuff, Izzo showing up in full Spartan gear and makeup, and this come to mind right away.

You're right, Taps. There's two sides to this. The cynical side that says this is all part of an act in order to make your program look more attractive in the eyes of others (mainly recruits). Then there's the much-more positive side that may say that this is just guys having fun. With the stakes being so high in big-time college athletics and all the pressure that comes with that, maybe this is a good thing, act or not.

mjschwal said...

One more thing, Taps.

I know Scandinavia is small and all, but you haven't heard this before? I picture people that are still wearing acid-washed jeans with Reebok high-tops and a comb that sticks out of the back pocket. Maybe some Hyper Color shirts or Coca-cola Rugbies?

Can't you pick up an Appleton radio station or something?

Scott Tappa said...

It's really not Scandinavia's fault, it's the fault of the radio stations in Green Bay, Stevens Point, Wausau and Waupaca. None of them play much hip-hop, only the safest hip-hop out there. Think Will Smith.

When I interviewed for the part-time DJ job at 92.7 WDUX-FM Waupaca several years ago, the programming director summed it up best when he described their programming as "80s, 90s, and today - but nothing too 'rappy.'" That pretty much goes for all radio stations in Northeast/Central Wisconsin.

Will said...

Yeah, I feel like Soulja Boy is going to show up on the Office soon. The instructional video has been viewed more than 10,000,000 times. I've also seen videos of Devin Hester doing it before a punt return and Baron Davis during a timeout.

I respect the coaches for demonstrating that their egos are not so out of control that they would be willing to make themselves look silly in front of the crowd (and youtube).

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