Friday, October 26, 2007

Who let the Nard Dog out?

Got the day off, boys, we could be in for a prolific day on Badgercentric ...

Back to normal Thursday nights for the Tappas, and back to 30-minute episodes of The Office - thank goodness. Last night's episode was pretty good, not classic but enough laughs to go around. Solid B. Highlights:

-Who let the Nard Dog out? Classic Michael/Andy. (BTW - I Googled Andrew Bernard and the first result was for the director of the Center for International Business - at Dartmouth, not Cornell! The Office Andrew Bernard write-up on Wikipedia says that his character, and Jim Halpert, are both named after childhood friends of executive producer Greg Daniels. So if Burch, Schwib and I ever hit the big time with Mike Caution, expect to see characters named Scott Froehlich and Josh Grieser. But I digress ...)

-I'm probably alone in thinking this, but a cereal-based restaurant, a la Mike's Cereal Shack, would be a great idea. Maybe this is because I've eaten cereal for breakfast every day for the last 28 years. And because my son prefers eating cereal for dinner (we don't let him). And because there are so many awesome kinds of cereal out there. And because Jerry Seinfeld is a huge cereal fan. Let's file this idea away for retirement ...

-I've spent a god 30 minutes or so in Second Life, and never encountered Dwight Shelford. Too bad, because unlike the rave reviews it was getting at the start of this year, Second Life is so boring and complicated that a Dwight alter ego would be the best thing about it. One of my big ideas at the start of the year was to build a parallel version of some of our company's properties in Second Life; glad I never pitched that idea to anyone important, because SL is not what it was hyped to be, and my guess is Linden Dollars will be worth less than Chuck E. Cheese tokens by the end of the year.


-Ryan to Michael: "That's good - they're creative, you're not."

-Michael: "I was five years old - I couldn't even talk yet."

-Kevin's nickname: Kool-Aid Man. Dead on!

-"Limitless paper in a paperless world."

-Lastly, back to Second Life: It's about time someone made fun of Jim and he wasn't able to deflect it or come back. I'm guessing that Jim is the character most of us (dudes) watching the show identify with, or at least I'm hoping that's the case, but let's face it, he needs to be humbled every once in awhile, to have that smirk wiped off his face. And the fact that his SL avatar is a sports writer makes it all the more fitting for this crowd.

Vote in the poll: which version of the Dunder Mifflin commercial was better?


will said...

I thought the episode was solid as well. Glad that it's back to a half-hour. The episode was directed by Jason Reitman, and I like his work a lot.

Loved the end and the Michael Scott commercial as well. It's those kind of moments that make the show stand out to me - and I think it will be one of the reasons why it will have more of a legacy than some of the crap that's on network television today (although I've been hearing good things about Aliens in America).

Jim Austin said...

Kevin's Kool-Aid man smile was the best laugh of the show. Second may have been when Kevin pointed at Oscar and with a smile said, "Mama Bear." I'm starting to think I relate to Kevin most - that can't be good, right? Austy

Margo Candela said...

Way back in 1997, as a college student who ate a whole lot of cereal, I had the idea for The Cereal Shack. And there is a place in Chicago (near a college campus no less)that specializes in only cereal. Thanks for the recap!

Scott Tappa said...

Thanks for the tip, Margo! A quick Google search shows a lot of people writing about Mike's Cereal Shack, so maybe someone will dust off that idea before I retire ... like your blog, too!

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MatthewSmith said...

I live in Berkeley, and we had a place for a couple months called Moolicious, which was all cold cereal. It was a talked-about novelty item for a second or two, but it was out of business within a couple months.

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