Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why you should pay attention to the NBA

About a month ago when I wrote this blog's first post, I mentioned that we would be talking about the Bucks here. Rob Jansen politely informed me that, simply put, nobody cares about the Bucks, so don't write about them.

I disagree, and think that living in Atlanta, where they haven't had an NBA team since 'Nique got traded to the Clippers, has jaded Rob on the NBA. Let's face it, interest in the league is down, and for good reason. The play can be ugly. The officiating is horrible (earlier today I daydreamed about defending Dwyane Wade and heard a whistle, he's heading to the line for two), and at least one of them is on the take. The Spurs, as much as they are a true champion of teamwork, consistency, and professionalism, are still pretty boring.

Still, there's lots to like about the league.
1. The Suns, everything about them. If they can win a title it will do wonders for the NBA's image. And it would be awesome for Alando Tucker to get a ring, really hope he gets a shot to play this year, but doubtful.
2. Devin Harris should make a big leap this year, if Avery Johnson can finally trust him.
3. Can't wait to see Kevin Durant.
4. Really like what the Jazz have going on. Deron Williams is one of my favorite players, even if he's an ex-Illini.
5. Really like what the Bulls have built. Ben Gordon and Luol Deng are turning out to be better pros than I had imagined.
6. It's sort of like rooting for Microsoft, but I love LeBron, can't wait to see what he does for the next 15 years.
7. Ex-Arizona guys like Andre Iguodala and Richard Jefferson are fun to watch.
8. Great guys to watch who may not be household names: Al Jefferson, Joe Johnson, Paul Millsap, Brandon Roy, Andrew Bynum (he's got game Kobe!), Renaldo Balkman (was wrong to make fun of him on draft day last year), Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, Daniel Gibson, Luke Walton.
9. If the Celtics get good again, we can finally hate them again.
10. Michael Redd could go for 50 any night.

This was going to be a Bucks preview, but I'll hold off on that until tomorrow. Feels like there's not much to report - staring at another late lottery pick - but there's just enough talent in just a bad enough conference to not write them off completely yet.

Please feel free to add to my top 10 list. No haters, please, saying you hate the NBA is like saying you hate K-Fed's album, everyone's doing it, we know already.

And can I get a show of hands from everyone who had a pair of 'Nique's Brooks?


will said...

Didn't have 'Nique's shoes, but did have Barkleys, the Pumps, as well as a couple of Jordans (as did a lot of people I'm guessing).

As much as the franchise externally looks bad, I'm excited about the on-the-court Knicks, mostly because they play in the already mentioned weak Eastern Conference. But I think Isiah has assembled a team that will play hard and should be fun to watch. Crawford should have a big season if he can stay healthy...Balkman and Lee play as hard as any two players in the league.

Agree with your thoughts on the Suns. Caught a couple of minutes of the Phoenix's preseason game last week and Tucker had like six points in 25 seconds, just kind of bulldozing his way through the lane. I think he'll log some decent time this season.

Slobby said...

I have a confession to make. I'm giving the NBA a two-game tryout this year. I'm going to the Hawks opener against the Mavs on Friday and going to the Hawks/Suns game next Wednesday.

I would add Hawks center (and former Buck) Zaza Pachulia to your non-household name fun to watch list. Not for what he does on the court, but I've seen him out in the ATL a few times and he's pretty entertaining.

scott.tappa said...

Will - I had Barkleys, Pumps, and Jordans too. I was a shoe nerd back then; then became just a nerd.

How does Nate Robertson fit in? Is he a try-hard guy or all flash?

And if Alando can be like their 10th guy, he can get some quality garbage time.

scott.tappa said...

Well Rob, those are the two best teams in the NBA to go watch, arguably, hopefully the Hawks try to run with them. I really like their draft this year, with Horford and Law.

You could see Zaza had potential when he was in Milwaukee, they were sad to see him go.

will said...

Robinson is saying/doing all the right things for now, and I would be thrilled if he develops into a true point guard. But Marbury is such a huge local legend that I think it will be hard to push him aside and Crawford should also see a lot of playing time because he can play both guard positions.

What I love the most about Robinson (as well as Lee and Balkman) is that he flat out hustles. And the guy is my height and he blocked Yao Ming! Amazing what some people have the ability to do.

Hoping to catch a couple of games. Don't want to give the Dolan family too much of my money, though.

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