Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wisconsin-born UW quarterbacks

Not to immediately change the subject, but in the event people don't want to talk about the game ...

This morning's Cap Times had an interesting story by Jim about the dearth of Wisconsin-born QBs starting for the state university. Remember the last one before Donovan? Bud Keyes, in 1987, Milinovich's freshman year.

Link to Cap Times story

Jim does a nice job of breaking down the reasons for this, and the names/hometowns of the QBs we've brought in over the past 20 years. It's a nice trip down memory lane. I have some thoughts on the matter, feel free to discuss.

Appleton Post-Crescent story from a few weeks ago

Appleton Post-Crescent photo of Donovan


will said...

That was a really interesting story, Jim. Great read.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I know you were watching the Nextel Cup race in Charlotte and pulling for Jeff Gordon - where's the blog on that? At least something went your way Saturday. Austy

Millie said...

I resent that comment. I'll accept grief for taking longer than the prescribed 4 years to get the degree, but it was only one extra semester for Pete's sake. And considering that I had about 30 useless credits from my first three semesters that's not too shabby.

Besides, I'm fairly sure I'm the only one of us to make the Dean's list the same semester that I smoked my weight in weed and was legally drunk five nights a week.

Oh, and I liked Polzin's story too.

Scott Tappa said...

Sorry about the pot shot, Millie, Prof. Brown had just entered my train of thought (watching that Dr. Pepper commercial where the fat lineman dances on the goalpost ... nice work by that ad agency), and made about four leaps too far.

Millie said...

It's too bad you didn't get to see me rock my skills in a class that I didn't absolutely despise. You saw about the lowest of the low as far as effort goes (well Ecology was pretty bad too).

And I wasn't really mad. Damn the internets and their inability to discern sarcasm.

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