Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who do you dislike most?

The Journal Sentinel had an interesting poll on its site today: which former state star do you dislike most:

Tony Mandarich
Gary Sheffield
Gary Payton

Sheffield is the runaway winner, with 72% of the vote, compared to 16% for Payton and 12% for Mandarich. Not surprising, given the way he forced his way out of Milwaukee.

I cast a write-in vote for Travis Diener.


Scott said...

Yeah, it's hard to disagree with Sheffield as the top choice. Believe me, as a man who couldn't make an accurate throw from third base on a regular basis, I despise the guy.

Mandrich was a hard ass, but more known as a bust than someone I remember hating. I'd put Mike McKenzie much higher than Mandrich on that list. And how about the much-hyped Sam Okey from Cassville? He's gotta be close to my top 3.

A handful of former Brewers for honorable mention: Alex Sanchez (the laziest OF on earth), Chuckie Carr (Chuckie hacks on 3-0), and Sean Berry (Jim Powell: "You know if this guy gets more than 180 plate appearances in a season, he'll hit 56 HRs and drive in 150 runs"-- about 53 HRs short Jim).

Jim Polzin said...

Holy Crap: Did Jim Powell really say that?

Deuces said...

I'd say that I hate Dan Fitzgerald more than Diener right now.

I also hate those small practice player dweebs on the end of the bench who stand up and cheer after every play Marquette makes.

Scott Tappa said...

Totally agree on Fitzgerald.

Anthony Mason?

Jim McMahon?

Thought that Yi Jianlian might become one of these guys, but he's done all the right things, and I realize his pre-draft hang-ups probably weren't on him.

Agree with B that Mandarich shouldn't be on here, he never tried to get out of the state and didn't trash it.

The Powell-Sean Berry story is funny, but he didn't seem like a bad guy.

Dave Lopes? He was a prick.

Craig Pintens said...

Gary Sheffield hands down. I was actually at his first game back in Milwaukee, which was with the Dodgers in 1999 and it was awesome. People were merciless in their heckling of him. I am not much of a booer, but Sheffield elicits a boo anytime I am at a game and he comes up. Sammy Sosa would fit into that category as well.

It was a quirk of scheduling, since he left Milwaukee in 1992 for the NL. In the Brewers first year of the National League (1998) Sheffield was traded from San Diego to Florida and never made it to Milwaukee.

It's hard to believe, but Jim McMahon was on the Super Bowl team. He kept his mouth shut that year and didn't say much, but he wore a Bears jersey to the White House. World Class Jag...

Frank said...

Wouldn't Javon be pretty high on the list? He ain't exactly endearing himself out here either.

I always had a special spot for Jose Hernandez, who never met a 2-strike pitch at his eyes he didn't like, especially if there was someone on third with less than 2 out. Heck, we could put almost the entire 2001-02 Brewers on there then.

And if all the voters cared about baseball and were at least our age, Sheffield gets 90-95 percent. If he makes the Hall of Fame I'll take a trip to Cooperstown to spit on his plaque.

Scott Tappa said...

I agree with Frank on Javon, good point. But Jana has a soft spot on her heart for him. On the day we drafted him, we were in the Orlando airport, and when the Packers gave up a lot to move up and take him, I was pissed - thought we could have gotten him at #30 or wherever we were supposed to pick. She calmed me down.

Then came all the news of his Wonderlich score being 5 or whatever, and people surmising he wouldn't be able to understand the playbook. At that point Jana saw him as the ultimate underdog and began pulling for him, and he eventually became a great player.

Also, his name is very similar to her brother's name: Jay Vaughn.

But yeah, what he did to get out of Green Bay was pretty shitty.

Scott Tappa said...

And on Pintens' McMahon comment: walking into the Packers-Bears game at Lambeau, we saw a couple with matching McMahon jerseys from both teams. What kind of idiot would have gotten his Packers jersey in '96?

Not only was the guy a moron, he wasn't a good player. Imagine how good the '86 Bears would have been with something other than a caretaker QB? Or a competent coach?

Millie said...

I don't think McMahon was the best QB to play or anything, but I definitely think he had a bit of the gunslinger/cocky attitude that his teammates responded to, wherever he was playing.

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