Saturday, October 27, 2007

UW-Indiana halftime thoughts

Overall pretty pleased with the effort thus far, but annoyed that it should be 20-0 or 24-0 right now, not 17-3. A touchdown on that drive puts the game away; now Indiana has life and gets the ball to open the second half. If Donovan is the more reliable, less mistake-prone QB between him and Evridge, I shudder to think about next year.

-Gilreath is about to break the school record for return yardage in a season. That's nice, but the cynic in me says that's because the defense has yielded so many opportunities for opponents' kickoffs.

-Even before PJ got hurt (major concern), thought it was a good move to get Brown in early and get him involved. Very nice TD run, very well blocked, especially Graham helping Vanden Heuvel.

-Love the play calling on the first two drives - pound the rock, wear down their smallish front. PJ was showing great patience letting the holes open. Zach and Lance need to slow down a bit. IU has done a nice job adjusting to slow down our running game, but the mid-range passing game is now open, and Donovan should be able to take advantage.

-But Donovan is still missing wide-open guys, like Beckum on the first drive.

-The third drive ended with a snuffed-out TE screen attempt. Why call that play when IU had stopped a similar play the previous drive?

-Love how Levy and Casillas are playing right now, this is what we were expecting all year.

-Kick/punt coverage units have been terrific.

-An option call on third and eight? No, no, no ... yes!

-I'd say something about Ike and Hardy, but don't want to jinx it.

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