Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bo Ryan-Soulja Boy II

After writing last night's post, I couldn't get that number out of my head: 54,000 views of Bo Ryan Cranking Dat Soulja Boy on YouTube. The number is now up around 63,000.

I did a search for roughly that phrase on Google's blog search function, and found a lot of people talking about it - viral marketing working for Bucky hoops. And yes, my post has made its way into the top 10, hurrah.

A sampling:

Mark Stewart's blog explains a bit of the back story

Best Week Ever picks up on my America's Funniest Home Videos critique; some interesting comments

Scrapper Nation shows just how out of hand this has gotten - check out the Texas football team doing it on the sideline, during what seems to be the game. Bo is cleaning up in this poll.

An Illinois fan seems to want Bruce Weber to Crank Dat next

A comment on this blog says Bo's video is the best thing he's ever seen, and references Mark Madsen - correctly implying that Bo is the better dancer.

The top post here says " this must be how he relates to the inner city kids when out on the recruiting trail."

After listening to this song more than 30 times, I really hate it, it's pretty bad. Give the kid a lot of credit for using the web to promote himself, great move. He's created the Macarena of 2007.

And for one last laugh today, check out this Barney compilation.


Craig Pintens said...

Texas A&M had Soulja Boy at their Midnight Madness.

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